Will Taweel
Founder & CEO

After spending almost two decades developing and refining my skills in the financial and professional services industry, I recognised the fundamental problems that most startups and SME's were faced with: the inability to truly set themselves apart from their competition (often leading to a non-commercial service offering and an uphill battle to attract new customers); the constant endeavour to attract and retain the right people to work in small business; the effort of keeping up-to-date with endless technology enhancements; and the struggle of managing the growing needs and expectations of clients.

It is for this reason, that I founded Generation Real (gen real:). Our aim is to offer small businesses real support & guidance to overcome these challenges. Through one of our specialised services: The Referral Matchmakers, Business Solutions or Technology Solutions, we believe we have the right ingredients to nurture and grow successful businesses, influencing you to achieve your vision and make a real difference.

You don't have to go it alone anymore. Join us and our ever growing network of business proprietors being inspired to create their own legacy.